Environ is a globally recognised and loved Professional Skin Care brand that is built on science, beauty and care. The introduction of Vitamin A into skincare formulations was a ground breaking development in skincare.

Dr Des Fernandes, is rated amongst the top five lastic surgeons in the world, he was the first to use vitamin A in high enough doses which helps counteract the harmful effects of the environment, pollution and stress and create the appearance of radiant, more youthful, visiby improved skin.

Environ believe that skin has a life and that vitamin A is the “oxygen” it needs to look healthy and beautiful for life. It is for this reason that they actively pursue skin care science to skilfully and consistently develop best-in-class, scientifically researched and developed products that work with skin. Their unique and highly effective Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™ helps skin to become gradually more comfortable with increasing dosages of vitamin A and other ingredients thereby reducing the likelihood of a skin reaction. It is for this reason that Environ Skin Care products can only be purchased from trained and authorised Environ Skin Care Professionals.

Environ believe that this approach will ensure complete consumer satisfaction as the power of our beautiful science always requires the consultation and product recommendation of a Skin Care Professional. Environ is acclaimed by international skin care therapists, dermatologists, beauty editors, top film starts and super models alike.

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