Youth EssentiA – Vita-Peptide Intensive Serum 4 Plus

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These premium technologically advanced serums contain a powerful combination of ingredients that work in synergy for clients who want tangible results in a short space of time. The formulation contains progressively high levels of Vitamin A and are packed with powerful anti-ageing ingredients, peptides and penetrant enhancers to assist in creating a younger, smoother and healthier looking skin with radiantly youthful appearance.

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If you are serious about skincare and want visable results more quickly then you most definitely need to add this luxurious range of moisturisers to your daily beauty regime. Our most loved skincare range, the premium Vita-Peptide C-Quence Serum Step-Up System has been specially created for mature skins and for those who are concerned with ageing and want tangible reults in a short space of time.Vita-Peptide C-Quence Serum 4 Plus together with the Vita Antioxidant Defence Creme Plus form the fifth and ultimate step in the EssentiA range. The addition of clinically researched anti-ageing ingredients push the boundaries of youthfulness, helping to visibly reduce the signs of ageing – leaving the skin looking younger and more resilient, revealing a more even, smoother, healthier looking skin with a radiantly youthful glow. Containing an optimum concentration of Vitamin A to repair the skin cells. Vitamin C and Vitamin E as well as a powerful combination of antioxidants, peptides and clinically researched ingrediants including Juvinity and Malt Secrets, this serum helps to tighten, hydrate and smooth the skin therby reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Antioxidants will protect the skin from the damaging effects of external sources, such as pollution, temperature and sun damage etc…. resulting in a more youthful-looking future proofed skin. Suitable for mature skins, lines and wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation, loss of skin tone and firmness.

Retinyl Propionate, Retinyl Palmitate, Vitamin C, Matrixyl 3000, Dermaxyl, Hydroviton, Juvinity and Malt Secrets.

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