HD Brows

Founded in 2008, HD Brows transformed the beauty salon industry by introducing a new concept in brow treatment. The beauty press, celebrities and influencers, along with the rest of the UK fell in love with the transformative results, leading HD Brows to become the UK’s no.1 salon brow treatment.

As the authority in all things brows, they expanded beyond their signature, must-have treatment, bringing you the most innovative brow treatments and makeup products. HD Brows is the UK’s most popular brow treatment, however they are not just experts in brows; they offer a complete award winning makeup range for the skin, eyes, lips and of course the brows.

Their makeup range launched in 2014 and due to the quality it quickly became an essential in kits of celebrities, beauty editors and makeup artists. This highly regarded, premium makeup range will offer you everything you need to make sure you can create the latest brow and makeup trends.  

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