Treatment Overview

Dermaplaning is a favorite in the celebrity and entertainment world, particularly among models, celebrities and actresses as it creates a glowing, complexion.

Our Dermaplaning Deluxe is a highly effective yet gentle exfoliating and ultra hydrating skin treatment. It removes the surface layer of skin which is home to product build up, grime and dry dead skin cells. It also removes the fine, fluffy facial hair known as Velus hair, which we like to refer to as ‘Peach Fuzz’. This fluffy hair often traps dirt, oils and old makeup, which can give the skin a dull lacklustre appearance. The intensive hydrating masque will instantly soothe, moisturise and nourish your skin.

Post treatment skin is left replenished, radiant and brighter, creating a smooth, flawless, glowing complexion. This skin treatment is perfect prior to any special occasion or important social event.

(Please contact the salon before booking if you are currently using skin care containing high levels of Vitamin A or Retinol).  

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60 mins


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