Skin Vitality 2


A POWERFUL MULTIVITAMIN with added Omega 3, Omega 6 fatty accids and antioxidants for overall well being

Skin Vitality 2 is a powerful Multi Vitamin with the added extras of Omega's 3 and 6 with Antioxidants for healthy skinn and complete overall wellbeing. This is a great option if you are stressed, super busy and always on the go. Skin Vitality 2 is convenient blister pack each containing 4 supplemnts; a multi vitamin and mineral, antioxidant complex, Vitamin C Wwith Citrus Biofavonoids, Hesperidin, Rutin, Omeags and 6. This powerful mix will help combat tiredness and fatigue, helps to support and maintain healthy teeth, bones, muscles, heart function and normalise blood cell formation .
Broad spectrum Multi Vitamin, Antioxidants, Vitamin C 1000mg, Omega 3 and 6 700mg

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