Skin Complete 240’s


RESTORE YOUR SKINS HEATH Skin Complete is the first step in any good skincare routine. It pairs two supplements – Skin Antioxidant and Skin Vit A+ – that are crammed with a multitude of nutrients, including vitamin A, D and antioxidants, helping to rejuvenate skin for a healthy looking complexion. It complements all the good work your creams are doing on the outside.

The focus of Skin Complete is to Repair and Protect. Containing two premium supplements this powerful duo is the foundation to healthy skin. The powrful combitation of Vitamins A, D and Antioxidants offer a plethora of skin benefits. Aswell protection our skin from harsh environmental factors, the exceptinally high levels of Vitamin A acts as a natural exfoliator and promotes healthy cell turnover, which helps to thicken and plump out the skin. The Vitamin D reduces melanin production, improves cell regeneration and is also a highly effective UV filter. The addition of Lutein will protect the skin from high energy Blue Light, which destroys our natural collage. Skin Complete is suitable for all skin types and can be taken to conmplement other skin speific supplements from the range, such as Accumax or Skin Omegas.

Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Betacarotene, Green Tea extract, Lutein & Lycopene.

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