Skin Accumax 120’s


CLEAR FLAWLESS SKIN NATURALLY Skin Accumaxª is a patented skincare supplement for those who suffer from Acne, breakout prone problem skin. It works from the inside out to clarify and clear the complexion on your face and body. BENEFITS: Helps to calm and relieve redness, doesnt contain harsh chemials and won’t cause dryness or flakiness, feeds every cell in the body which helps to support all areas of affected skin including face, chest, back and shoulders.

Skin Accumax are one of our best selling supplements due to the amazing resuts that can be achieved. If you suffer with embarrasing problematic skin, hormonal breakouts, excessive oil production or Acne then Accumax is the supplement for you. Skin Accumax is a pharmaceutical grade supplement which contains DIM (a highly active plant compund sourced from Broccoli) and incrediby high levels of vitamins, oil and other ingredients that are not available to in supplements from other health food shops and supermarkets. Accumax will make a visable difference to the condition of your complexion and transform the overall health and appearance of your skin. Don’t delay, include Accumax into your daily diet and skincare routine, we promise you won’t be disappointed. *1 Daily dose of Skin Accumax is the equivalent to 10 florets of Broccoli!*

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E & Phyto-nutrient (DIM). Free from Gluten, dairy, yeast and artifical flavourings. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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