SUPORT YOUR BODYS IMMUNE SYSTEM Colostrum is the substance produced by mammals in the first hours after givng birth. It naturaly contains immunoglobulins (IgG) which is the most common antibody in the body. IgG antibodies are very important in fighting bacterial and viral infections. Colostrum-C offers a rich source of colostrum standardised to 28% IgG with added Vitamin C.

Colostrum-C is a concentrated source of Colostrum, immunoglobulins and skin growth factors to promote general health and well being and energise skin from inside out. These supplements will stimulate regeneration of cell and tissue growth, neutralise toxins in the body, help to repair skin, muscle and other tissue whilst at the same time boost your imune system. The added Vitamin Cwill help ward off colds and flu and keep you fit and healthy. These supplements are not suitable for anyone who is Lactose intolerant or has a milk allergy.

Colostrum (Bovine) 300mg & Vitamin C 20mg.

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