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HELPS TO KEEP THE SKIN SMOOTH, PLUM AND YOUTHFUL As we get older, our skin an lose elasticity. Skin Collagen Support contains Vitamin C, a key building block for collagen formation which in combination with Vitamin A helps to maintain skins elasticity. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that is known to protect cells from free radical and harmful environmental effects.

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Skin Collagen Support is all about the 3P's - Protect, Promote and Prevent. This active cocktail of vitamins and plant extracts provide the buiding blocks for collagen stimulation and growth. High levels of Vitamin C and Rutin supports your collagen production and prevents future collagen breakdown. Quality grade Vitamin A stimulates collagen regeneration and the Grapseed Extract tightens skin and helps to reduce redness and the effects of sun damage. We would recommend Collagen Support for anyone serious about skin health and anti-ageing. To enhance the effects Collagen Support take them in patnership with either Skin Complete or Skin Vit A.
Vitamin C 400mg, Rutin 120mg, Vitamin A, Grapeseed Extract 50mg.

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