3D Faux Lashes Bombshell


High quality, multi layered 3D strip lashes, available in the 3 signature HD Brow Styles.


If you love lashes and glamming up, then these HD Brows 3D strip lashes are for you. The multi-layered, high quality synthetic fibres of these false lashes create a soft, feathered effect, making them perfect for any look. The lashes are cruelty free and include a latex free, non-irritable adhesive which dries rapidly for a clear finish. With careful removal these strip lashes can be used on several ocassions. Available in 3 styles, Bombshell, Foxy and Vamp…… you will struggle just to choose 1. TIP: Check the fit of the lashes, trimming from the outer edge if too long. Apply the adhesive along the lash, leaving until the adhesive becomes tacky then place along the lash line, pressing into place.


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